Samsung Galaxy S 4 gets TCO Certified, a first among smartphones

Galaxy S 4 Recycled Box

Samsung Galaxy S 4 today won the TCO Certification from TCO which is the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees. TCO thus is a Swedish abbreviation. The certification that Samsung Galaxy S 4 gets is for the packaging of the Galaxy S 4 for it’s eco-friendliness. The Samsung Galaxy s 4 packaging, the box and user manual is made of recycled post-consumer paper that is completely recyclable. The ink used to print on it is soy-based.

TSO focuses on IT sector sustainability and the Galaxy S 4 is the first smartphone to get this certification. The phone which is already high in demand from consumers and carriers has a new feather in the cap, boosting it’s stand as the fastest selling device from Samsung.

This certification is a demonstration from Samsung that they are committed to socially responsible manufacturing and compliance with International Labour Organization and United Nation Conventions. In the environmental category, the Galaxy S 4 is said to be free from hazardous material like Nickel, Beryllium and Mercury. These restrict potential to have material recycled at the end of life cycle.



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