Samsung Smart App Challenge is back, with focus on Group Play

Samsung Smart App Challenge

Samsung Smart App ChallengeA year and a few days ago, Samsung opened it’s first Smart App Developer Challenge to get Applications developers to develop Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab specific apps. The aim here was to boost the user experience for the two range of devices. There were two apps categories, Samsung Apps Super Apps and Best S Pen Apps. The contest run for quite some time and developers won cash prizes in the millions of dollars. There were 8 winners, and applications were uploaded to Samsung Apps Store.

This time round the Smart App Challenge focus is on the Galaxy S 4, Samsung’s flagship device and there will be 10 winners off the $800,000 prize money with a plus of venture investments from Samsung and marketing for your app.

The challenge will commence on 20 th of June till 31 st of August. This will not be for any kind of app, but apps that make use of Samsung Chord SDK that assists in development of multi-device managed apps in real-time and will be of one category, Smart Chord Apps. These can be used in development in development of “Group Play” service on the Galaxy s 4. This means judging criteria will look at what applications use group management functionality the best. Good luck devs.