Galaxy S4 Active Could No Longer Hide, Leaks In All Its Glory


A day after the Galaxy S4 Mini was officially confirmed by Samsung and barely 48 hours after its specs leaked to the world, it seems the Galaxy S4 Active could not simply let the rumour mill go on overdrive anymore. Online device tipster @evleaks posted photos of the S4 Active earlier on and it is no secret, it exists.

galaxy s4 active leaks

As you can see from the image above, the date on the screen of the S4 Active is June 21st. Quite telling. It is safe to conclude that the S4 Active will indeed be unveiled to the world on June 20th at the Samsung London event. The lock screen wallpaper in a clear way of telling us the nature of the device, shows off some of the most rugged terrain of this world and water in the foreground. Join the dots.

In the last round of leaks touching on the Galaxy S4 active we did not have the exact clock speed of its quad core Snapdragon 600 processor. Today we have a hint: 1.9 GHz (just like the GT-I9505, the Galaxy S4 variant retailing in some markets like the North American and European ones). We also know that its main shooter will pack 8 megapixels. The display is, as previously rumoured, a 5 inch full HD one.

The leaked Galaxy S4 Active images clearly reveal the rugged nature of the device thanks to its strong build. The model number is also quite telling. SGH-I537. Samsung usually reserves that naming convention for its Galaxy devices sold specifically to some carriers in some countries. As the logo on the back of the device clearly reveals, the carrier in question is AT&T. So even before availability and pricing are announced, AT&T customers can be sure they have another Galaxy to choose from next time they’re shopping for a rugged, water resistant version of the flagship Galaxy S4.


Source: Unlockr


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