6 Useful Methods to Minimize Hard Drive Failure and Data Loss

Hard Drive

All your data stored on the hard drive of your computer is always on the verge of loss due to various reasons. These reasons may vary from system crash, unexpected deletion, to virus infection. Losing invaluable information due to any reason is really very annoying, and if it is related to your work, then it can reflect adverse affects on your business as well. Therefore, for error free and smooth working, it is recommended to take some security measures to avoid data loss.

Hard Drive

Mentioned below are top six methods that you must follow in order to minimize the risk of hard drive failure and hence data loss:

  1. Protect your Hard Drive from Virus Infection: A majority of the cases of data loss occur due to virus infection. Viruses are malicious software programs that attack on your system’s hard drive to harm it in different ways. Many times, it is seen that virus infection automatically deletes a file or corrupts the file system and hence causes data loss. It is, therefore, suggested to keep your system updated with efficient anti-virus software that has definitions for all latest viruses. Keep the software updated and scan your system regularly with it. Scan an external drive with the tool, whenever you attach it to your system as they (pen drives, memory cards, etc) are the main source of viruses.

  1. Use Anti-Malware Tool: Malwares are malicious programs that are installed as plug-ins with downloaded applications. Moreover, at times, when you download a program from an unauthentic site, then too you may download malware. Since these malicious applications harm your system to great extend, they cause data loss. Therefore, it is recommended to use an anti-malware software that scans every thing before downloading and even checks for the authenticity of the site from where it is being downloaded.

  1. Never Use Boot Drive for Storing Precious Data: It is a common mistake performed by many of you wherein you store precious data on the same drive where the Operating System is installed. This causes severe data loss when you have to format your boot drive in various cases of file system corruption or virus infection. However, if you have your valuable files on drive other than boot drive, then you will never encounter data loss, even if you format your boot drive. It is a great trick to overcome data loss.

  1. Always Keep an eye on Email Attachments: Many times, it is seen that emails coming from unauthentic sources contain viruses in their attachments. It is really very necessary to keep an eye on email attachments specially before downloading them. Generally, an efficient anti-virus program has the feature of scanning email attachments. Therefore, go for the anti-virus software that scans the email attachments as well and scans the mails before downloading anything from there.

  1. Maintain Backup of your Precious Files: Regular backup is the best way to overcome data loss. It is advised to take the backup of your precious files and folders on an external hard drive. However, you may think of taking the backup on CDs and DVDs as well, but as they are more prone to corruption due to scratches, therefore it is recommended to take back up on an external hard drive or pen drive. In this way, having backup of data keeps you away from all kinds of data losses.

  1. Update your Operating System Regularly: Keeping your Operating System (OS) up to date is another efficient way of preventing data due to hackers attack. Microsoft launches various critical updates for different versions of your OS. Therefore, if you make your system updated with these updates issued by Microsoft, then you can keep your system up to date and repair its security holes easily.

Despite following these precautions, if you encounter data loss due to any reason, then use of an efficient HDD recovery software is recommended. Reliable HDD recovery tool recovers all the data that is lost due to corruption of hard drive, virus infection, or any other reason like accidental deletion. Moreover, if you have lost your data due to unexpected formatting of a partition, then too these tools work as a boon for recovering your lost invaluable files.

Sometime, hard drives become internally damaged i.e. failing hardware equipments and you need to seek help for pros hands. They can efficiently analyze the hard drive and report any problems along with the relevant solution. If the hard drive is too damaged and can not be read by the BIOS, data recovery services is the only thing that can save your data and bring it to life.

Most of the data recovery tools are freely available and can be easily downloaded. In many situations, they recovers the desired data and successfully save it to safe place like hard drive. However, using freeware also involves the risk of loosing your data permanently by overwriting it as freeware will run in non read only mode and can easily make your data overwriting while copying/recovering data. As a result, the recovered data becomes useless or couldn’t be readable by any programs. Whereas, Professional software are lot more safe and assures safe recovery.


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