Ava 500, an Autonomous Collaboration Robot from Cisco and iRobot

Ava 500

Ava 500

Ava 500 is a remote collaboration robot that will blend technologies from iRobot and Cisco. iRobot’s autonomous navigation platform has been the basis of its remote presence robot designs. Cisco has provided Ava 500 with a 21.5 inch Telepresence EX60 display making it possible to view HD images at 1080p when participating in meetings. The robot’s network connection is provided by Cisco Aironet 1600 access point.

Being an autonomous system, Ava 500 has an advantage over other telepresence robots which have to be driven around by the remote user. This is achieved by giving Ava 500 the ability to map its environment through a laser scanner. The robot learns where the different rooms are and once instructed it can drive to its destinations avoiding collisions along its path. A prototype will be showcased at infoComm13 in  Florida this week but the final product is expected to be available next year.

via IEEE Spectrum


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