Hetman Partition Recovery Utility – Does an Excellent Job

Deleted Media Location

Losing an important file is not a kind of any new problem(s) and occurs more frequently than we suppose. It may become a troublesome situation if the lost, deleted or formatted stuff is of great value and you can’t compromise to lose them. Best thing is, there is a great chance to bring back deleted files or eve lost partitions from hazardous data loss circumstances using professional partition recovery program.

Files or partitions deleted from Windows or any other operating system is not actually deleted and clicking somewhere around the problem storage device. Recovery program will find the traces of deleted files and restore them back exactly in the form they were before deletion occurs. Though, you need to avoid using the problem device as recovery program could not locate files that is written over or severely damaged.

Tons of recovery utilities are available to help you recover almost any type of files from list of storage devices including USB, Flash drive, internal or external hard drive etc. However, choosing best among them could be a daunting task as it involves your hard earned cash and efforts.

Hetman Partition Recovery is just a perfect utility that offers wizard based method to recover files from any small to large size storage media as well as repair damaged, inaccessible partitions and restored data from the same. This program supports all major file systems including FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 etc. as well as latest Windows system i.e., Windows 8, Windows 7/Vista, XP etc.. This software successfully recover documents of almost any type i.e., photos, audios, videos, emails etc.

For fully testing Hetman Partition recovery software features, we’ve considered a case of recovering files (containing photo, audio, video, exe etc.) from an 8 GB capacity SanDisk USB device.
Deleted Media Location

As an initial step, we first hard deleted (shift + delete) all the USB contents and later than formatted it twice using Windows drive formatting wizard.format drive

For simplicity, you can download and test this great utility using the download link and install it on your PC. This program requires same steps to be followed as you do while installing any other computer programs.

Hetman Recovery Wizard

Once you installed it successfully, can start it from the desktop menu or navigate to All Programs > Hetman Partition Recovery > click on application to start.

This program has intuitive interface and runs flawlessly on latest Windows operating system like Windows 8/7/Vista/XP etc. The software is capable to recover partitions with all its data from severe corruption environment such as RAW formatted hard drive, inaccessible or damaged partitions by repairing them, corrupted removable media etc.choose disk

You’ll need to choose the problem drive or find partitions from the choose disk Window and click Next to proceed. Next window will ask you to choose the type of scan method that you want to perform on the selected drive such as full analysis or Fast scan. Full analysis will scan for mission critical information such as logical structure of partitions and recover data accordingly. Fast scan option will scan targeted media only for recently deleted files. As we’re looking for files from the RAW labeled removable media, you’ll need to choose Full Analysis method and click Next to start scanning the drive.

P.S. While analyzing hard disks, Fast scan method will be unavailable as only full analysis method can be used to search for logical partitions. You can stop or abort the scan operation if you’ve found the files you’re looking for. The software is ready to start hunting for the desired deleted media files.full system analysis

The whole scanning procedure would roughly takes 10-15 minutes or can take little longer if the problem media is of more capacity and have large amount of damaged or corrupted media files.

You can look over for files from the produced results. Content aware analysis folder will be automatically constructed to help you searching for desired files where different type of files were grouped into a separate folder.

scan results

The software has preview pane on the right hand side to give you the preview of any recoverable files. To actually save files on, you’ll need to click on Recovery button located just below the software menu options.

The software has simple explorer like window to help you operate this program like pros and recover files in easy manner than ever before.

The Verdict: Must have utility for smooth and flawless recovery

As compare to other partition recovery utilities, Hetman software is much helpful and gives pretty accurate and precise results. Hetman Partition recovery will address all your data and partition loss woes in just a matter of time.