This is the easiest Nokia Asha 205 you will win

Nokia Asha 205

Nokia Asha 205

If you have been reading Techweez you must have seen two Nokia Asha devices given away. The first one was a bit technical and needed you to be correct to be able to hit the win button. The second one was a bit easier, asked what you would do with the phone once you got it. Atleast it needed you yo have used a phone to know how phones work.

This one is How to win a phone for dummies, it’s Winning 101. If you always say that you have never won, this is your turn to prove those forces wrong. Here’s how you do it.

Register to Rafflecopter application using either your Facebook or email address and follow the steps listed below to get as many entries as possible. This is random and a raffle, so the more entries you get the better your chances for winning.

Basically you win for showing us love. We love back with the prize.


  1. Nokia Asha 205 Dual Sim is a fantastic phone which is affordable despite its many applications which are fast, easy and fun to use.

  2. he Nokia Asha 205 might actually be called that elusive Facebook phone with its dedicated Facebook button. As a portrait QWERTY device with very affordable price tag it is evidently geared towards teens and emerging markets, as it also comes in a single and dual SIM varieties.

    There are a few vibrant colors for the casing (black, cyan, magenta, yellow, and white), and the phone runs on Series 40, which Nokia now insists to be called a smartphone platform due to the numerous Java apps and the like available for it.

    The phone is all-plastic, small and light, though somewhat chubby, with a 2.4-inch non-touch display with fairly weak viewing angles, a VGA camera, and microSD card support. Connectivity is limited to 2G only, but with the new SLAM Bluetooth sharing technology you’d be able to quickly share files between devices. Thededicated Facebook button simply launches the Facebook app, but you can remap it to do something else.

    One thing you can brag about with the Asha 205 is battery life that most smartphones can only dream of. The dual-SIM version of the device comes with a stand-by time of 25 days, versus the 37 days of the regular variation. Overall nothing fancy but the Facebook button, yet the world needs brand-name basic phones, too.

  3. Asha 205 heralds the first ever appearance on a Nokia device of a dedicated Facebook button.

    The Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM phone remembers the settings of up to five SIM cards making it easy to switch between making calls or using the Internet.

    The best part is that TechWeez is giving it away for, wait for it….


  4. EA games are just the best, i like the fact they’re pre-installed for free with the Asha thats nice.

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