This is the easiest Nokia Asha 205 you will win

Nokia Asha 205

If you have been reading Techweez you must have seen two Nokia Asha devices given away. The first one was a bit technical and needed you to be correct to be able to hit the win button. The second one was a bit easier, asked what you would do with the phone once you got it. Atleast it needed you yo have used a phone to know how phones work.

This one is How to win a phone for dummies, it’s Winning 101. If you always say that you have never won, this is your turn to prove those forces wrong. Here’s how you do it.

Register to Rafflecopter application using either your Facebook or email address and follow the steps listed below to get as many entries as possible. This is random and a raffle, so the more entries you get the better your chances for winning.

Basically you win for showing us love. We love back with the prize.