Review: Hands on with Cygnett Urbanshield Case

Review Hands on with Cygnett Urbanshield Case

Review Hands on with Cygnett Urbanshield Case

I have never been a fan of flip cases, so I always want to get the best of snap on cases for my precious phone. I have been using the Galaxy S 4 for some time now, and it’s a precious device for me. And what do you do to your precious devices? Get them the best care you can get for them. That’s why getting the Cygnett Urbanshield Case was’t a big deal for me. Got it from the awesome guys at Gearzap. You can see their collection of Galaxy S4 hard cases to see which one matches up your taste.

Cygnett Urbanshield Case

Now why I chose the Urbanshield case was because of three things.

  • It has a brushed Aluminium back for that sturdy feel while also being beautiful without meaning it. In the inside there is rubber so the phone meets rubber.
  • The rubbery sides for that grip while making sure every button or port is open and easily accessible, not pressing though touch rubber. The Rubber is matte, so is also cool looking.
  • Thirdly the Cygnett Urbanshield Case comes with a screen protector as an add-on. You won’t need to go back shopping for the screen protector, you will only need a dust-free place to fit it in. There is great installation instructions inside there, with a lint-free wipe, and some tool to fit the screen protector on your own. You save some money there and learn DIYs while at it.

Cygnett Urbanshield Case

The Cygnett Urbanshield Case fit’s in quite well, leaving the essentials well exposed for use, it’s not bulky like some cases are and while at it there is that sturdiness that it adds to the phone, you feel like the phone can now lie on any surface without worrying about surfaces scratches, bundle that with the screen protection and you have a winner. The branding is inside, not like some chip processing company that sticks some un-intelligent graffiti on each and every piece of technology they are associated with.

Cygnett Urbanshield Case

The front is slightly raised when you fit it on the phone, making it quite good for then you forget and leave the phone lying face-down. It will take up some level of grit incase your desk has been abandoned for a while without impact on the screen. And as I told you the cover has a layer of rubber and aluminium on the back, the phone will increase it’s shock handling ability so there you go, you have a better reliable phone.Cygnett Urbanshield Case

The screen protector is standard made for the Galaxy S 4, so nothing really worth mentioning about it. This would be the ideal case I would recommend for the Galaxy S 4, I am yet to interact with the S View cover that many Galaxy S 4 users flaunt so I cannot really say how this matches up to that, but till then, I believe this is the superior case among them. As for colour, there is an array of four, so you have a bit of choice from Black Aluminium (the one I have with me), Silver Aluminium, Carbon Aluminium and Carbon White.

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