LOL, this is one creative ad by Samsung for the ATIV Series

Samsung ATIV Ad

Samsung ATIV AdSamsung launched new devices in the ATIV Line-up in London at the Samsung Premier event. These included the ATIV Tab 3, ATIV One 5 Style, ATIV Book 9 Plus, ATIV Book 9 Lite and the oh so awesome ATIV Q. Of-course you can tell which one struck my eye. Now naturally the ads were always forthcoming, I mean that’s how Samsung got people interested in the brand, beyond great distribution and good hardware, the marketing is also a huge plus. They release some very creative videos, except what they did in Iceland.

Moving on swiftly, the ad by Samsung for the ATIV features a toddler who boycotts his old PC by pouring milk on it, the parents notice and go shopping for another new one, with him. Notice how he ogles at the ATIV Series range, the ones I listed above. Oh, and there is a part he notices that people love using their Samsung devices, tastes it and it’s clear it tastes good. In the video, words like creATIV, innovATIV and originATIV fly around with reckless abandon, but the message is clear.

The boy still ends up with the boxes, but it’s surprising that he is happy that the parents at-least get to enjoy the new catch. He even winks, so y’all ladies need to notice! See the video below.