Four Galaxy Note III versions? Might just be

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

It’s like a week before the Galaxy Note III got a “launch date”. The Galaxy Note was the device that Samsung decided to venture into new uncharted paths and proved to be another mainstream niche altogether after the success of the devices and other OEMs also venturing into the niche. And now there is a loyal following for the >5 inch devices with the pen.

There has been rumours that the Galaxy Note III might come with a lower priced and specc-ed version. Well you know what, they could just be four. Korean News site ET News has it that just like the way the Galaxy S 4 came in four variants, the Note III will end up following suit. Wait, the Galaxy S 4 was actually distinct models, Zoom, Mini, Active and the main thing. See what the Galaxy Note III could end up.

One version to be premium with metal build/premium material, a 13 MP camera, flexible display rendering it unbreakable and sold in limited inventory, second version to be the one your expectations have, 13 MP with AMOLED screen and plastic body, third version to be 13 MP but with an LCD screen and lastly the cheap version with plastic, LCD display and 8 MP camera. One thing is for sure, each Galaxy Note III loyalist will want to be the one owning the premium version. We’ll see, but that is if this is true.