Win a FREE Nokia Asha 205, the last of four!

Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIm

This is the last of four Nokia Asha 205 devices we are going to give away. As always, it gets easier every time. The first time we asked you to list among features that are key selling points of the Nokia Asha 205, Tim Muiru was the winner.

The second time we asked you to tell us what you would do with the device if you won it, we were able to make a difference in your lives, the second winner, Samson Kipsang was able to make a difference in his mom’s life in that she could now save her designs using the Asha 205 camera.

The third Asha was random, it only depended on you to show us some love and share our post, Christiano Kwena ran away with it.

Today we will dwell on only one feature, the browser.

What we want you to do is tell us in a few words, what makes the browser in the Nokia Asha 205 different from browsers in many other phones in the market. Hit us in the comments, you don’t even have to be the most eloquent person in commenting, also google is your friend, make use of it, tell us something about the browser, you could even tell us it’s name and list why this browser stands out.

Hit us in the comments in 1, 2……

[Oh, I forgot to add this]

  • The valid comments are those made on the website, not on facebook or elsewhere.
  • We will pick the winner on Friday.