Samsung launches the Galaxy Mega 5.8 in Kenya

Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8

Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8

Samsung today launched the Galaxy Mega 5.8 in Kenya, the largest smartphone that they are selling in this market. The Galaxy Mega is a proposition for those who wish to have much more screen real estate to be more productive while at the same time maintaining a low price point as opposed to the premium Galaxy Note series.

“Samsung is investing a lot in Africa to give users who get their first internet access via the mobile phone a great experience and ability to do much more than just internet surfing,” says Robert Ngeru.

Robert added that the mobile handset is no-longer the phone you used to make calls it, you do much more on the phone today. The Samsung Galaxy Mega is a proposition that gives you more screen to do better media consumption, document editing and other productivity.

Robert Ngeru, Samsung East Africa COO
Today Samsung unveiled the brand ambassador for the Galaxy Mega 5.8, Collins Injera, a hero rugby player in the Kenya Rugby Sevens team. Collins says he likes the way the Galaxy Mega allows him to do multitasking in the large screen while at the same time not compromising the view he gets.

Samsung has partnered with developer community to bring in apps that matter to the local scenario and are relevant to our everyday use. The demand for smartphones is growing and it’s fueled by data growth and value pricing.

Most important thing that makes people want smartphones is the ability to consume more content on the go and at the same time being productive by bringing the office to the smartphone. Samsung is working to get more relevant content to the mobile phone by partnering with developers and content producers to bring the best experience. One of the main things that Samsung calls the differentiators in the market.

The Galaxy Mega 5.8 is a 5.8 inch QHD TFT screen device powered by 1.4 GHz Dual-Core processor and also has 1.5 GB RAM, runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with an 8GB internal storage. Battery is a 2600 mAh and cameras are 8MP and 1.9 rear and front respectively.

The device was recently launched in India retailing at Rs 25,000, around Kshs 44,000 while in Kenya it will sell at around Kshs 35,000 and customers get a free Bluetooth headset worth Kshs 3,995 and 1.5 GB data.

At launch, the Galaxy Mega comes with accessories such as snap on covers, flip covers, Bluetooth headsets, battery packs and a desktop dock among others available in Samsung brand shops and retailers in the country.


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