Orange money to be available at Total Petrol stations across 13 countries

orange money

orange moneyMobile is still the fastest growth frontier in today’s world, and mobile money takes the lead among value adds that the mobile phone brings. Orange in a bid to make an impression felt in places where they are located, signed a deal with Total Petrol stations to have Orange money available there.

This is in the 13 countries spread out in the Middle East and Africa and the partnership signed today will have all the Total petrol stations in the 13 countries act as mobile money agents. These are Botswana, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Jordan, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Niger, Senegal and Uganda

One of the stumbling blocks of mobile money adoption is distribution as the carriers and players need to sign up as many agents as possible to have their presence felt in as many places as possible. This then plays out well when they then proceed to market their service as they can convince consumers that they indeed serve them.

Senegal and Cameroon already have this running and the other 11 countries will get their turn within this second half of 2013. These are 1300 service stations in which Orange Money will roll out. Later on Orange will roll out a service to enable fuel and other service purchases enabled via Orange money