The Galaxy Note III could come running the most recent Android Version, 5.7 inches – New leaks

Galaxy Note III

Galaxy Note III

The Galaxy Note III is expected in September, that is bound to have triggered so much rumours and leaks. The most recent one involves a shoot of a physical device that is said to be the final Galaxy Note. Previously there were photo leaks, but these were for the device in prototype clothing, the big oblong slab that Samsung and other OEMS have the device in when they don’t want to sell out the design. Samsung Galaxy S 4 had quite a number of designs they would have opted to go with.

Following previous trends, the Galaxy Note III design might not be that different from the Galaxy S 4, features on-board and size would be the major difference, but we are always open to surprises. There are some dynamics affected by recent happenings, the official announcement of Android 4.3, Snapdragon 800 Chipset and strongleads that indicate that the Galaxy Note III will be a 5.7 inch device.

So far what we think is closest to the truth is a Snapdragon 800 that supports LTE-A or Exynos 5 (the Updated version with ARM GPU), 5.7 inch Super AMOLED (LCD Display also an option) Display with full HD 1080p, actual metal around the edge of the device, Android 4.3 (and this will be followed up by the other high end Galaxies getting Android 4.3, the Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S 4 mini, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Mega, Galaxy Tab 3, Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 10.1).

The Galaxy Note has and will always been the superior smartphone at every certain point in time. Samsung likes to bnot call it a smartphone and prefers to just call it a separate segment device, the Note, so with that then the Galaxy S 4 remains the superior smartphone without upsetting anyone.

Sources: @techkiddy, @sammobile


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