Lumia 729 Pureview Verizon press shot leaks in all glory

Lumia 729 Verizon

Lumia 729 Verizon

Looks like devices for Q3 from Nokia weren’t ending with the massive camera-phone Lumia 1020. A yellow press shot is now out with a design that slightly bends towards the Lumia 820 but with the name Lumia 729. And it has Pureview branding. The device, according to the source, is a Verizon exclusive of the Lumia 700 series with no semblance of the Lumia 720.

That includes the camera which has Pureview technology and design. Nothing in regards to specifications is out as yet although it looks like it sports a removable shell, no NFC tags camera with flash and a screen that could be anything from 4 inch to 4.65, with some suggestions that the screen could be HD.

The back looks kind’a curved inwards, something like what the Xperia Arc has. I have tried to look for hints in the tiles and numbers there but can’t seem to pick anything.

Naturally, if this is indeed something forthcoming it will be followed up by some other hints and information in the next few days, so stay alert. We will update you should we catch something.

Source: WMPowerUser, via GSM Arena

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