Nokia edging HTC out of the Windows Phone Business

HTC 8x

HTC 8x

Even with Windows phone slowly gaining market-share and up to number three in the smartphones race, the losers in there are getting hot in the back of their ears. Nokia is hogging all the numbers when it comes to devices shipments. Currently Nokia is doing 80% in Windows Phone market-share and getting all the love from Microsoft.

This is not going down well with players like HTC who have been there on the Microsoft OS phones. HTC was the big guy before Nokia came knocking, or was convinced in. And at launch of Windows phone 8, HTC was quite prominent with two devices the HTC 8x and HTC 8s being held lovinlgy by Steve Ballmer.

With HTC doing even less than Samsung that is apparently not so keen on Windows Phone, at 5% and 11% Windows Phone marketshare respectively, HTC says that they will be paying more attention on their dwindling fortunes in Android where they stand a better chances. HTC hasn’t launched other phones after the two HTC 8 devices, unlike Nokia which has been on a roll with devices ranging from mid range to high end.



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