The Next Android Version Will Be Called KitKat!


It’s not February 14th. It is somewhere close to the end of the year. Yet it is the time of year that Google decided we love more chocolate. Yeah, you can now start burning those Key Lime Pie t-shirts you had bought from eBay and Amazon. The next Android version will be called… wait for it… KITKAT. Yeah you heard me right: Kitkat it is! I know it sounds like some child’s play but we have to live with it.

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From an unending series of rumours and counter rumours about how Key Lime Pie is the greatest dessert that phandroids will be getting on their devices, it seems Google played it safe. A page has already been set up welcoming Kitkat to the world.

As if that is not enough, Android boss Sundar Pichai used his Twitter account to announce the news. Looks like the Kitkat Android has already been erected outside the Googleplex. When we will get to see Kitkat in action on a Nexus device near us is something that is a mystery for now but I am sure it won’t be long till substantial Nexus 5 (or whatever other name) rumours surface.

Word is the next version of Android will still be under the 4 base hence Android 4.4. There is still room for Android 5 to be the one named Kitkat but hey, we’ll have to wait and see. Till then, Kitkat!

As everybody finds it difficult to stay away from chocolate we decided to name the next version of Android after one of our favorite chocolate treats, Kitkat®!



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