Cool covers and cases for your smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S4 case
Samsung Galaxy S4 case

The smartphone has become a staple item in our day-to-day lives, so much so that we are rarely found without them. There are a number of inventive phone cases available on the market at the minute. Here’s our selection of the coolest…

Running arm band

If you are a running addict, a running arm band case for your smartphone is a must. Allowing your phone to bounce around in your pocket is an accident waiting to happen, so ensure your phone’s safety by investing in an arm band case.

Simply slot your phone into a specially designed holster and slip the case onto your arm. You can even adjust the straps to make it the perfect fit for your arm.

This case will keep your phone safe and out of the way, so it won’t interfere with your running. Whilst doing this, the case also provides convenient access to your phone when necessary.

Wallet case

We all have a number of essential items that we carry with us on a daily business, from phones to keys to wallets. Free up some space in your pockets and bags by combining your smartphone and wallet.

Specially designed phone cases open up to reveal card slots and, in some cases, note compartments. Keeping your money and phone together will leave you with less to carry, which could be beneficial on day trips or nights out.

You can get some sleek designs too, which will keep you looking stylish.


If you want to protect your phone from bumps and scrapes but don’t want to cover it up completely, a bumper is for you.

The silicone bumper surrounds the outside edge of your phone where damage is most likely to be caused. These come in a range of different colours so there is something to suit everyone.

Fun covers

Make a statement with your phone case by going for a fun, stand-out design.

You can get some great silicone covers with bright coloured designs, from spots to flowers, which will ensure your phone makes a fashion statement.

If you want something really unique, Mobile Madhouse sell a penguin shaped phone cover, complete with wings, in a variety of colours. Or, go retro and make your phone look like a cassette. These will keep your phone safe and will certainly make a good talking point.

These smartphone covers are a practical and good-looking way to house your phone – no smartphone should be without one!

Article by Callum Morton