Worst Logo design props also goes to a Tech blogger: Kachwanya.com

Kachwanya ugly site

Kachwanya ugly site

There is one Tech blog that has consistently not disappointed in terms of being the worst in terms of design. This is the blog by Kachwanya, one of Kenya’s most prolific tech bloggers. I know the blog is content and not design, but presentation also goes a long way. The blog Kachwanya also showed up at the top as one of the ugliest blog in a list that had only tech blogs. Apparently the nerds don’t care about design and anything goes.

The focus of today is Kachwanya’s new logo, it looks like it was designed from Windows 95 as a charity case. If any of you wishes to volunteer a better design for the logo of this blogger, please do.

[Update] Kachwanya has changed the logo to a slightly less uglier looking logo that shows creativity of a sauce pan.


  1. Let me state the obvious, techweez.com throwing dirt at kachwanya.com reeks of malice and hostility. It’s clear you are both competitors in the tech news arena, let your users decide who’s better in terms of design, content or whichever metric. what’s next ? a diss-track ?!

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