Tizen Could Be on a TV Near You as Early as Next Year

Tizen 3.0 Techweez 2

Tizen 3.0 Techweez 2

In an interesting interview with German publication Die Welt (translated as The World) Samsung co-CEO of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Boo-Keun Yoon knowingly or unknowingly revealed to the world the mobile giant’s plans for its long overdue mobile operating system, Tizen.

We recently saw Tizen running on a Galaxy S4 and it seems there is much more than meets the eye. Tizen could soon be in most of the appliances you use at home: be it a fridge, a microwave oven or the obvious, a television set. Since Tizen is based on a Linux kernel just like Android, this won’t be much of a surprise as it is Linux and not any other operating system that is widely used in most consumer electronics outside of the traditional computing devices like mobile phones, tablets and personal and enterprise-level computers.

Here is a small portion of the interview as translated from German:

Die Welt: Unlike smartphones you have to own a TV operating system. Why do not you work together with other manufacturers an open ecosystem for apps and content such as Android?

Yoon: We are the market leader in the TV market – and with its own software, own innovations. We currently conduct research on a new operating system called Tizen for all our equipment. We believe that we are able to provide our customers with excellent technologies.

Die Welt: Is Tizen therefore also planned for other devices?

Yoon: Yes. Tizen will run both on some of our smartphones as well as on our televisions and household appliances. So we create an ecosystem in which we can connect all Samsung devices together.

Die Welt: When is Tizen?

Yoon: For TVs perhaps as early as next year.


Source: DW


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