Kenyan Startup Chamasoft seeks to help you manage your Chama contributions online


ChamasoftMerry go round groups and saccos are mainly done by groups, mostly employees, friends and relatives who want to utilize the power of many to grow. These are characterized by monthly contributions to save or invest. Many face management issues and tracking of contribution.

Martin of Digital Vision EA says that Chamasoft, a web based application assists chama members to manage all their data. users can get member financials which include statements, loans, penalties and balances managed on one platform that is easy to use.

Members can also access tools like member registration and management and financial management. They will set up contribution cycles, meetings management and group communication tools.

In this day and age of ICTS giving the leverage of getting things at the fingers, Chamasoft promises to enable Chama members collect data including Chama minutes in one platform and tracking of communication, contribution and loan defaults become easy. This is also made easy by the responsiveness of the web application enabling users access the back-end from their mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Chamasoft also provides reports in form of bar charts, pie charts and line graphs, this way users can keep tabs on trends of contributions and expenses.

Chamasoft application is one of the startups that will be showcasing and pitching at DEMO Africa later in the year on 24th to 26th of October.