Asus Making The Nexus 10’s Successor?


For sometime Apple’s iPad wowed admirers and critics alike due to its sharp, pixel-dense “retina” display. For a long time no tablet running Android bested that. That lasted till Samsung and Google partnered to design the Nexus 10 that was announced late last year. Since then the Nexus 10 has had the crown of having the most pixels crammed into a large tablet display. With such an impressive feat, it is little wonder that the Nexus 10’s successor though some days from official announcement has been generating quite some heat in forums and tech blogs. And the latest from the leaks engine confirms something not many looked forward to but which is also a surprise: Asus will make the Nexus 10’s successor.

Whether Google will stick with the Nexus 10 name like it did with the Nexus 7 tablet is still unknown to us (officially) but all leaks so far point to Nexus 10 being the chose name for the 10 inch tablet running the loved pure uncluttered Android out of the box. There has been so much about the release date of the next Nexus phone, the Nexus 5, and it is natural that the Nexus 10 which most likely may launch alongside the next Nexus smartphone also gets entangled in the web that is the rumour mill.

News of the Nexus 10 being made by Asus have been solidified by not only Google’s resolve to let the Taiwanese maker design and produce this year’s Nexus 7 tablet but also by a PC World UK employee who leaked the news via a tweet yesterday that showed the 10 inch tablet listed on the internal inventory of PC World UK. Today the same Nexus 10 was spotted in the inventory of Currys, a UK retailer so there is little doubt that Asus is the “annointed one” as far as making this year’s Nexus tablets is concerned. Asus has been making some of the most solid and appealing tablets for the last two years and we all expect it to continue doing the same with the Nexus 10.