Galaxy Note 3 With Flexible Display Could Also Be In The Works



It looks like the cheap Galaxy Note 3 isn’t the only one that will be struggling for attention alongside the Galaxy Note 3 itself. There is also a possibility that we will see a limited edition Galaxy note 3 with a flexible display.

Though flexible displays seem to be a distant thing at the moment, we are so close to seeing them on consumer devices like smartphones and Samsung could be itching to lead the way as soon as later next month or early November when the cheap Galaxy Note 3 also goes on sale. Samsung first showed the world its more matured flexible displays early this year at CES and has never looked back with leaked reports every now and then indicating continued advancement of the prototypes we saw way back in January. There was even word that the Galaxy s4 would feature a flexible display. Since that never happened due to flexible displays not yet coming of age, Samsung could test the waters in the next few days.

Is there need for flexible displays on a phone at this moment really?





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