Galaxy Note 3 Comes With Premium Accidental Damage Handling In Africa


Perhaps you already know of one of the Galaxy S4’s unique selling points: ADH (Accidental Damage Handling). Yes, the warranty cover that entitles you to at least two free covers for your device in the event of you dropping it and shattering the display or having it soaked in water or some other liquid spillage. That one too will be available for the Galaxy Note 3. And what is more? It has some even better add-ons to it. Samsung now calls the souped up cover ADH Premium.


According to Samsung, Galaxy Note 3 users will in addition to being provided with ADH Premium cover for their device, also have it extend to cover their next Samsung premium device purchase (e.g. Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4) in the event that they have gone full circle through the warranty period without using their cover. This in essence means that for those users who are careful with their devices and won’t spill any liquid on them or drop them and shatter the displays over the period of the warranty, that warranty won’t be expiring after the traditional 24 months of Samsung’s Smart Care, it will be extended to your next high end Samsung device purchase. In the event you used one of the two warranty claims you are entitled to, the remainder will be carried forward too. In addition to the warranty, Samsung announced that they will operate a dedicated call centre for the Galaxy Note 3, and will fetch the broken device and deliver the replacement directly to the owner. Samsung is also offering guaranteed buy-back on the Galaxy Note 3 for the first 12 months of up to 25% of the original value of the device.

ADH Premium will be available in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Senegal and Namibia. There is no word on whether it will be available to other African countries though I think that is still in the works. As was the case with the Galaxy S4’s ADH cover, this is exclusive to African countries and you’ll hardly see it available to Galaxy Note 3 buyers in other markets like Europe, Asia or the Americas.

The Galaxy Note 3 is already on sale in South Africa, pre-orders have been ongoing in Nigeria and is set to debut in the Kenyan market very soon.



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