You can now use Paypal to buy Apps in Samsung Apps Store and Samsung Hub


Samsung Apps

In addition to already existing payment options on its app store, Samsung Apps, Samsung has added PayPal so you can now pay for all the apps you buy from Samsung Apps and also Samsung Hub using your PayPal account.

Samsung Apps is Samsung’s own app store and does have some apps that you won’t find in Google’s Play Store that are specifically tailored for Samsung devices. For instance if you own a Galaxy Note device there are enough apps on the Samsung app store that take advantage of the Galaxy Note devices’ S Pen and other unique features. Samsung Hub on the other hand is Samsung’s own extended portal that houses applications like games (Game Hub) and also allows Samsung device users to shop for other items like books too. The two come pre-installed on Samsung devices and are activated by signing into your Samsung account as you set up your Samsung device upon purchase.

Whichever is your app of interest, if you frequent Samsung Apps, there’s one more convenience waiting for you. If you are a developer with an app on the Samsung Apps store you are also covered, instead of waiting for wired transfers that could take some time, you can now get paid using PayPal.

Samsung device users in Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain and the United Kingdom can now use PayPal while their colleagues in the United States will have to wait a little longer. For us in other countries there is no word on when this will be available.

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