Samsung To Start Using MediaTek Chips from 2014



MediaTek is on a roll. It is no longer that small chipset manufacturer that nobody save for a few “dirty” Chinese OEMs cared about. Even the big boys are listening. Buoyed by the successes it has had with low end and mid-range devices that pack its chips and have been a hit in the Asian market, Market already has an octa-core chip in the pipeline and as of next year will start boasting of high profile customers like Samsung. Samsung is reportedly warming up to MediaTek for its processor needs for low end and mid-range devices.

MediaTek has been around for a while and has a reputation for producing cheap chips that power popular devices found in markets like India and China. You obviously won’t see Samsung flagship devices like the Galaxy S line powered by MediaTek chips but you will see it in budget devices from the Korean electronics giant. High end Samsung devices will still be powered by Samsung’s in-house developed Exynos processors. MediaTek comes in to replace Broadcom has for a long time now been the supplier of chipsets on Samsung’s mid-range and low end devices.

MediaTek’s chips aren’t known for jaw-dropping performance since they simply get the work done but place a lot of emphasis on battery consumption.


  1. Looks like Apple has met it doom in that if they sold anything with Mediatek’s chips, they’d get blistered by public opinion for being CHEAP! …..yet Samsung because they aren’t just known for catering to the rich n famous Hollywood types, this deal just adds another 50 or so models to help them keep everybody in the World Happy like 31 Flavors Ice Cream does in the USA! 😀

    That’s the power of Samsung Dominating the World like no other company on the planet! … who? lol… oh yeah…. “We are so very proud to have sold 9 Million phones over a 3 day launch weekend!” But it’s a whole different ball game to keep those kinds of sales up like Samsung has just demonstrated! :DDD

    Break down their Record 85 Million Smartphones over the last 3 months and that means Samsung has sold an average of 1 Million Smartphones a day! Now let’s see Apple do that? lol… never going to happen!

    Because…. even in their best quarter they’ve barely broke half that, with Samsung just having Tripled up on Apple’s Sales Globally over last Quarter. Basically tossing Apple out of the back seat into the truck of their Steamroller Smartphone Sales Machine!

    SAMSUNG …. for the WIN!!! ….AGAIN!!!

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