Samsung in Talks to Acquire Several Companies to Boost Its Software Offerings



samsung headquarters

Samsung is pretty much a hardware company. We know that since we can point out as many Samsung devices as possible. What about the software? Not very much. Yes they really make an effort and persist (cough TouchWiz cough) most of the time but if you ask anybody around save for a few features the experience is yet to reach to the level that Google and Apple are playing at. iOS continues to be buttery smooth thanks to Apple’s experience with the software on its Macs and the deep software and hardware integration in all its devices. For Google we all know it has always been about the software. And they know how to do it right. Samsung is not being left behind too. They are working on bettering their best.

 WSJ got hold of an article presented sometime this year by Samsung Media Solutions Center detailing some companies that the Korean giant may be working behind the scenes to acquire in order to boost its grasp on what it offers alongside the many devices it releases every day.

Samsung is said to have a $1.1 billion budget for its acquisition spree. Some of the companies earmarked for possible acquisition by Samsung are located in Silicon Valley and some in Israel where the technology startup scene has really picked up. They include Unity Technologies, a San Francisco-based gaming platform developer (if you have played Dead Trigger on your Android device then this is the company that develops the platform upon which that good game is built on); Glympse, a location-based services provider (has an app, Glympse on the Play Store that served to rival Foursquare at first before differentiating later); and, an Israeli mobile search company. Also on Samsung’s radar is an American company with a lot of history, Atari, which has been a lot of financial difficulties lately to the point of even selling some its business units.





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