Grab a Themer Beta Invite Code Now!


Themer Beta is a replacement launcher for Android that follows closely in the footsteps of Buzz Launcher and takes Android customization to a whole new level. Now if you are a lover of customization you’ll want to try this one out. I saw @Mwirigi share his very awesome home screen a few hours ago and I was won over. Then I realized that I have to have an unlock code to get such an awesome theme on my device. The makers of Themer just released some random code where you can just sign up and get your theme very easily.

The unlock code is as seen in this screenshot:

themer beta app unlock code

If you are a Breaking Bad fan like yours truly then it even gets more awesome, there’s a Breaking Bad theme too!

Hurry, the new launch code is only for 40,000 people so if you’ll read this after say an hour, you’ll need tough luck to be able to grab one. If you miss out, don’t worry, just sign up and the Themer team will get you an unlock code though that may take some time. When I signed up last evening I was number 106,0** on the list.

Themer can be found on the Play Store. Though it is much easier to use, I still prefer Buzz Launcher to it. Buzz Launcher was revolutionary when it came out and our brothers from the East (China, Korea, Japan) really put out some good themes in Buzz. Plus the customizations are way better.

Here are a few Breaking Bad screenshots from my device




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