Samsung’s Galaxy Round is just a prototype, not a mass market device


Galaxy Round 3 techweez

Perhaps you are still in shock over the Galaxy Round’s $1000 price. You need not be. The Galaxy Round, Samsung’s curved smartphone and the first of its kind, is not meant to be a mass market device. It is simply a prototype. Samsung is testing its curved OLED displays using this device for a possible mass rollout in the near future.

The device being a prototype explains much about the hefty price tag since you get to test the latest off the pan technology while still helping it get better. That obviously means that the Galaxy Round will remain a strictly home (Korean) affair and we won’t see the device elsewhere.

It is not the first time that Samsung announced a device that is not meant for the masses but just for testing purposes since we previously had the likes of the Galaxy S II HD LTE and several other models that were being used to test the AMOLED and full HD AMOLED displays that we currently enjoy on high end Samsung devices.