Companies exhibiting at GITEX Seeking distribution partners in Africa


GITEXAfrica is the real emerging market. Quite a lot is yet to happen in many places. There are two kinds of entrepreneurs, the one who sees the fact that there are many things lacking as a lack of potential and the one who views this as the potential in it. Now several of the exhibitors I talked to see this as a huge potential as industry analysts put Africa as the leader in technology adoption globally. GITEX Technology week started yesterday on a high with over 3500 companies represented from 54 countries and over 139,000 ICT Professionals from 144 countries.

Africa is this growth frontier that is still green while many markets are reaching saturation and slowing in growth. In Africa this is when things are happening and hardware and services vendors and distributors want in on the piece of the pie. One such distributor is TopTech, an International Free Zone Company that is head-quartered in Dubai and with branches in Afghanistan and Nigeria. The sales director Karim Zoghli tells me that he seeks partners in distribution in Kenya specifically.

Kenya has huge growth potential as the infrastructure set up is so welcoming to technology growth. The entrepreneurial culture is quite high and on the rise. Innovation hubs have also seen a rise in small and successful companies. These are the fortune 100s of the next 5 years and this means the B2B business is still growing and bound to be huge. TopTech is a Lenovo, Asus, AMD, Transcend, BenQ, Seagate and other products distributor and seeks to make inroads into Kenya.

[UPDATE] Efrotech is another such company that seeks to partner with companies in African countries.


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