Hours to launch date, more Lumia 1520 details emerge


We’re just a few hours to the Nokia World ‘Innovation Reinvented’ event in Abu Dhabi where Nokia is expected to announce a new package of devices. While some are still mysterious, the ‘Bandit’ phablet is not. We have seen it leak before and today is no different, we have further confirmation, at least from unofficial sources, that the 6 inch Lumia 1520 will be here same time tomorrow. Leaked from a Chinese online marketplace, Tmall, here’s the latest about Nokia’s upcoming phablet:


A 6 inch 1080p display that was made even more likely last week’s GDR3 update and an expected PureView camera this time at half of what we saw with the Lumia 1020 (“just” 20 MP) and the beefy Snapdragon 800 are expected to complete the picture tomorrow as is the $819 price tag that the device will have in China thanks to the leak from Tmall.

NB: the device listing has since been pulled from the Tmall page where it was first sighted. Expected anyway.




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