KPMG Capital Formed to Accelerate Innovation in Data and Analytics


KPMG International has launched an investment fund – KPMG Capital -in an effort to accelerate innovation in data and analytics (D&A). KPMG International member firms can now help their clients realize the tangible value of big data through this new investment fund.

With data and analytics it has become critical for businesses to realize tangible value from the huge volumes of data at their disposal. A KPMG survey from August 2013 reports that 69% of business leaders view D&A as key to their company’s growth plans. Despite this, the potential of analytics is yet to be fully realized in many of these companies as the data is not managed effectively.

KPMG Capital has been setup to enable companies accelerate their processes in uncovering the opportunities in data and analytics. Potential solutions will be brought to the market through partnership with technology and service providers, strategic partners and other third parties. The main focus areas for KPMG’s new fund are risk management, cost optimaization and new revenue streams.

Investment will be made in a number of critical business areas including enhancing business flexibility; finance; regulation and compliance; improving workforce productivity; and customer and revenue growth. KPMG Capital will work to develop solutions that target growth sectors such as healthcare, financial services, energy and telecommunications.

Companies will only maximize their success by their ability to translate their collected data into insightful business guidance. Big data is still viewed first as a technology issue rather than a business issue across all industries.

KPMG Capital’s aim is to invest in, partner with and acquire organizations that specialize in data and analytics tools and assets. Combined with the KPMG network’s global reach, existing D&A capabilities and deep insights, KPMG Capital will work to unlock new thinking to address the most pressing business challenges and deliver new solutions to market more quickly.