Wraparound ‘three sided’ display smartphone from Samsung in the works – Bloomberg


Samsung could release a Galaxy smartphone next year with a three-sided display that wraps around the edges so users can read messages while looking from an angle.

Samsung Youm
A Samsung Youm concept phone

Remember Youm technology showcased by Samsung at CES 2013? They have been working on it and making it better and if what Bloomberg reported is right, Samsung will be releasing the first devices featuring the said technology sometime in the second half of 2014.

The upgraded Youm tech displays could come to the Galaxy Note line next year since it is the most realistic or maybe a totally new line of products. It seems that the Galaxy Round while appearing as a totally different product, could have been one of the ways Samsung was testing some applications of what they plan to do with their Youm tech hence the “prototype” tag slapped on the device by insiders. Each side of the display is expected to independent of the other so you can be watching say a YouTube video on the main display while incoming Twitter notifications are shown on the side-screen without interfering with whatever you are doing.