Galaxy Gear 2 in the pipeline, will include new features

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Galaxy Gear

The Galaxy Gear has been around for a while now and has been greeted by mixed reatcions. Some like it because it is a new product that is trying to establish itself while others hate it for not being just one good thing but attempting to be a tiny bit of everything from a statement fashion accessory to a camera on your wrist. Recently, Samsung has been releasing updates to the device so that it can be able to do more. If reports from Korea are anything to go by, that is part of a wider plan to broaden the mass market appeal and the technical functionality of the smartwatch since news/rumours of the Galaxy Gear’s improved successor are in full force.

The Galaxy Gear 2 is expected to bring more features, be supported by many apps and other hardware changes that will see  it shed some skin to be at least 15-20%.