Samsung publishes an NX App to act as an information resource for all NX Cameras

NX Android app

NX Android app

Samsung today decided to publish an Android app to get you to better understand the NX range of cameras. This is a resource material for both interested people and owners. The NX which is the series of Samsung smart cameras has several devices in the range, these are the Nx 210 Nx 300, Nx 3000 and the recently announced Android Powered Galaxy NX among others.

The Galaxy Camera is not in the list of NX cameras. The app published today on the Play store will act as a resource for users in that they can have a tabbed browsing experience within the app to get the various details about the cameras.
These are recent TV commercials, camera specifications, sample photos from each of the cameras, news , lenses, Accessories for the cameras, Lenses, fan pages, communities and guide book all available on the left side of the main screen.
You can download any image of the sample images there and also view further details of the image taken like exposure, aperture size and other photo details. The app is available for both smartphones and tablets. The app is available in 6 languages. Watch the video below for more detail.