New USB 3.1 to be reversible and super fast


For how long have you known  this look of the USB ports and cables?

USB cable and port

The USB standard has been around for a while now and its usefulness cannot be understated. It has replaced a good number of old interfaces. Remember that PS/2 keyboard and mouse connector that was in use on your Pentium I and Pentium II computers? Yes those ones. Today usage of USB cables is so widespread that it transcends almost all spheres of life. From that geeky coffee warmer on your office desk to the standard mouse, dongle, keyboard and game pads. Its what we use everyday. Good news is, it is bound to get better. At least by the end of 2014.

According to the USB Promoter Group, the support organization for the USB standard, the Type C plug and receptacle will be reversible ala Apple lightning connector and will provide even faster transfer speeds with a bandwidth of upto 10 Gbps.

The problem with the new connector is that it won’t interface directly with existing Type A and Type B connectors i.e the current USB plugs/connectors and receptacles. This is because USB 3.1 is designed with the future in mind. It should be able to scale and interface well with future updates to the standard.

When should you expect to see it on a device near your? Early 2015 is a realistic date since an industry review of the new USB spec is expected in Q1 2014 and finalized by mid 2014. That will give room to device makers to include it in their next generation devices. For now, USB 3.0 is your best friend and the ugly looks USB 3.0 connectors pack for purposes of backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 will be around for much longer than you imagined before the thinner and smaller USB 3.1 arrives.




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