Fastacash – Tapping Into Social Media For Cash Remittances To Kenya Using Whatsapp, Facebook And Twitter


fastacash™, an innovative, new online, social money transfer service focusing on the UK–Kenya corridor has launched in the UK market. The online service, accessible through mobile devices and computers, has made sending money through social networks and messaging platforms possible, doing away with the long lines and form filling. The service gives the user the ability to add an emotional touch to the money transfer in the form of photos, audio, videos, and messages.

fastacash™ brings a fresh take to the often arduous process of sending money to family and friends living abroad. A highly secure online service, fastacash™ is user-friendly with an easy-to-navigate interface, that provides a seamless one-time registration process, and can be accessed either through a browser, an iOS or Android app. fastacash™ users can send money to any bank account in Kenya and to all 17+million mobile accounts of the leading mobile money service in Kenya. fastacash™ offers customers a highly competitive exchange rate, minimal fees for the sender and no hidden fees or receiver fees.

Recognising the popularity of social networking, users can register for the fastacash™ service using their facebook credentials or email address to send their transfer using a secure “fastalink”. Additionally, with the service, users can inform their receiver real time about the transfer using their favourite social network or messaging platform. It is a highly original service and delivers a secure, simple, mobile, quick and social way to send more than just money to loved ones.

Acknowledging the fast-growing Kenyan community in the UK, fastacash™ will initially focus on these groups that send remittances to Kenya, which currently stands at approximately $374 million per year in transfers from the UK.

Chairman & CEO of fastacash™, Vince Tallent says of the UK launch: “We have taken time to understand our audience and appreciate that the majority of migrant communities have a sense of responsibility and duty as well as a very strong emotional connection to their family and friends back home, whom they support financially. fastacash™ offers a new way of transferring money online and through mobile phones, with just a secure link through any social network of choice. Now people can also share their stories, photos and experiences when sending money. Every action of sharing is accompanied by an emotional sentiment.”

Radhika Angara, Chief Marketing Officer for fastacash™ adds: “Trust and recommendation are key motivators for take up amongst our potential customers and we are keen to keep this a community driven initiative in many ways. We have developed a Brand Ambassador Programme which incentivises users to utilise the service and in return, earn rewards for introducing new customers to the fastacash™ service.”

For the month of December, fastacash™ will give users a £5 gift voucher for sending £100 or more for their first transaction.
The service is easy to use, secure, cost-effective and fast. Access and registration is simple and straightforward and customers need to input their information only once, doing away with the repeated form filling with each transfer. fastacash™ offers a transparent and simple fee structure, competitive exchange rates and an easy to navigate system that allows customers to use the service anytime whether at home or on the go making fastacash™ a uniquely efficient service, ready to make its mark in the UK. The service can be accessed here or by downloading the iOS or Android apps.

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