Apparently it is not a good idea to post selfies on Instagram afterall


Selfies are wildly popular at the moment. Loved and hated in equal measure, they define exactly what’s happening with recent trends in social media, they catch on really fast! Look at Facebook from a few years ago and now Snapchat, Whatsapp and Instagram. The result is an ever connected generation that tends to share everything happening in their lives. By everything I mean everything. Including selfies taken posing with firearms in the bedroom. That, however, may not be the brightest of ideas. It is dumb and it will only aggravate your chances of staying behind bars for a long long time.

Dupree Johnson, a 19 year old man from Florida, may be facing a long stay in jail thanks to photos he had uploaded to his Instagram account. When he was arrested, a sheriff upon noticing the youngster’s past criminal record, took a keen interest in his Instagram account and checked out what he had been sharing with his followers. Stolen jewellery, firearms and the like were enough to land the young man 142 counts of felony with several more expected as investigations continue.


Moral of the story: be mindful of what you share whether you’re a good person or a bad. As much it is social media, things won’t be so social if you’re involved in social evils like robbery.


Via: HP