ITU Ratifies Standard for Interoperability of Personal Medical Devices


ITU (International Telecommunications Union) has approved the networking specification for personal medical devices. ITU-T H.810 provides guidelines for interoperability, sharing and use of data between these devices. Health data can seamlessly be shared between clinical health tracking systems and devices such as wireless blood pressure cuffs, weight scales and a range of activity trackers.
ITU-T H.810 is sponsored by the Continua Health Alliance which is made up of several industry leaders with IBM, Intel, Cisco and Oracle among them. With standardization, it is expected that complementary e-health standards will be developed as the industry adopts ITU-T H.810. The standard offers 5 interfaces:

  • TAN-IF – interface between touch area network health devices and application hosting devices (AHD)
  • PAN-IF – interface between personal area network health devices and AHDs
  • LAN-IF – interface between local area network health devices and AHDs
  • WAN-IF – interface between wide area network health devices and AHDs
  • HRN-IF – interface between WAN health devices and Health Record Network health devices

via The Register