Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Design Borrows Heavily from HTC, but it’s a beauty

Samsung Galaxy S5 design

Samsung Galaxy S5 design

As usual the juicy stories ranging from rumours, leaks to concepts and predictions of the next devices are never in shortage after the previously device has gone into the hands of users and made their impression. I am talking about Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, they both had their moments.

Now there is no shortage of rumours about the Galaxy S 5 ranging from predictions that it will be launched earlier in the day to the part where there will be a design overhaul that could include a metal design as opposed to the usual plastic build. There has also been others claiming that these will be two designs and that the Galaxy S 4 remains, while a different premium design pops up.

Today we have a concept design from Concept Phones that shows the Galaxy S 5 could be a looker. Let me maintain that this is a concept, many come and pass as they are not what come from the design house of the mobile phone company, in this case Samsung, so there is even no need for a pinch of salt, this is just wishful thinking.

The designer, Hasan Kaymak usually does designs for HTC is the person behind this, that’s why you notice the speakers placement top and bottom just like HTC One. Beyond that there are the curves and near-bezel-less 5.25 inch screen that’s expected to come wearing 2K screen resolution and the internals donning 64-bit Octa Core processor. Other rumours point to serious work on imaging expected to rival Huawei’s Ascend P6 in front camera at 16MP and low light imaging for selfies.


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Like I said we wouldn’t mind such a design coming from Suwon, but remember this isn’t from the horse’s mouth.