New Guiness ad targets your smartphone: get drunk, forget about Wi-Fi


As times change so do hobbies. For those who indulge a bit late in the evening with friends that has also evolved. These days everyone is on the phone not just at work but everywhere. In the matatu (public transport), at home, in church (heck!) and even at the pub. This is the trend. Just open your social media feeds on weekends and you’ll find proof that this is happening. To counter this and bring back the old way people used to have a good night out, just a good time or cold drinks accompanied by hearty stories with friends, Guiness is running a curious marketing campaign. See this:

guiness ad - no phones

Keep your phones aside and get drunk.

I knew this day would come. Now forget about checking on Foursquare when you get to your watering hole or snapping your Red Label so as to share on Instagram. Leave your phone behind and have a good time. Free Wi-Fi? Those nagging app updates can wait for when you’re in the office.


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  1. Did you think that this could be a statistics-fest, that for every 16 smartphone users who happen to be drunkards, 9 are iPhone users, or more than 50% of Guiness drinkers own an iPhone.*insert chart here*

    • haha, source of your stats? But I won’t be surprised. iPhone or no iPhone, guys have a good time every day and phones are central to that experience. Also this varies by region.

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