Eng. Kamau: By April Kenya Smart Driving Licences Will Be Out


Over the next 2 months, the government plans to issue smart driving licences and next generation number plates as part of its transport integrated management system. The project is in its final stages of development and it is set to improve efficiency in Kenya’s transport sector.

“In the next two months, we will start interlinking all road transport and related agencies to enable them share and process information.” – Michael Kamau, CS for Transport and Infrastructure.

The new driving licences will carry a chip with the holder’s personal information – ID number, contacts, past traffic offences and fines paid over time. Upon deployment of the system, traffic cops should get equipment to read licences. The system keeps track of accumulated felonies and it will therefore be instrumental in limiting accidents and reckless driving on Kenyan roads.

A similar project had been planned earlier, M/S Semlex Europe SA and Compulynx Limited (Belgium) were scheduled to generate smart licences but in 2009 the Kenyan government shut it down.