Google makes red Nexus 5 official


Google has put to rest leaks rumours circulating lately about a possible red Nexus 5 that may possibly be accompanied by other multi-colour variants by making the bright red Nexus 5 official.

Live on the Google Play Store at the moment, the red Nexus 5 packs the same specs as the current models (black and white) and will be going for the same price. The device is available in both 16 and 32 GB internal storage options just like its white and black counterparts and for those in countries with Google Play Store device sales access then it begins shipping two after you place your order (as of now).

Bright Red Nexus 5

Google announced the long-awaited Nexus 5 at the end of October 2013 after a series of leaks and the device sold out in its first day of going on sale on the Play Store. The great demand was followed by rave reviews that placed the pure-Android running device head-to-head with other high end smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and LG’s G2. However, its not-so-good camera was the major concern for most reviewers of the device and that pushed Google to release a firmware update that addressed many of the camera horrors users had been experiencing. For those in markets where Play Store device access is unrestricted, buying the Nexus 5 at the reasonable price Google has put it at is a no-brainer. For us in East Africa, LG East Africa has been teasing the device and we’re still expecting it to launch officially any time. Maybe we’ll be lucky and get the red Nexus 5 too.

Photo: AndroidSPIN


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