Samsung to focus more on high end Notebooks and tablets in the future

Robert Ngeru Samsung Africa Forum

Robert Ngeru Samsung Africa ForumAt Samsung Forum, Africa in Malaga Spain, Samsung showcased many products among them the recently announced products in January at CES in Las Vegas. The event which is themes Built For Africa was to showcase products that will be retailing in Africa market.

Some of these are the range of recently announced Pro tablets, the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, Galaxy Tab Pro 10.2 and Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. Others were the recently announced high end laptop, the AtivBook 9 2014 Edition that was also announced at CES. The Ativ Book 9 Lite and Ativ Book 9 Plus were also showcased.Samsung Ativ Book 9 2014

But Samsung seems to be dropping interest in entry level and low end Laptops. Samsung Electronics East Africa COO Robert Ngeru associated this with the increased focus on high end notebooks and tablets citing the trends based on infrastructure development in the world.

“In the near future we are going to see users want to carry tablets more than notebooks as infrastructure like 4G LTE roll out to more users as users will be more concerned with useability and not local storage,” Said Ngeru adding that users will use more of cloud storage and that local storage will become less and less necessary. Robert also mentioned that the tablets are becoming more and more useful with content being developed specifically for the tablets with ease of use being first focus.

The learning curve and purchase price for the tablets also come in to play as users can get a very good Android tablet at low prices even in emerging markets, thus more and more people will do computing on tablets than PCs.

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