Samsung Introduces 23 inch LED AC-DC Tv Under Built For Africa Program

Samsung AC DC LED TV

Samsung AC DC LED TVThe Samsung LED H4060 is one interesting TV, it combines both AC and Dc compatibility on a 23 inch LED TV. According to personnel from the Samsung TV marketing department, the TV is able to work effortlessely off a 20 watt solar panel for places where there is limited access to the electricity grid. Well, you don’t need to be off electricity to want this TV, basically in places which suffer rampant blackouts you want such a TV you can keep watching your favourite sport even when power goes out.

Samsung AC DC TVThe Samsung LED H4060 which was announced today at Samsung Africa Malaga has both AC and DC Ports in the rear and you can have both connected but one inactive via a switch next to the DC port.  You don’t necessarily need to be connected to a solar panel as you can be a person with electricity but add a 12 volt battery and have it charged by electricity and act as your backup option incase you run out of power.

This was one of the products Samsung will be introducing to the market under the tag “Built For Africa” that works to get products relevant to the market at competitive prices. Samsung has invested boatloads of money in their R & D department to ensure they get their products right and be relevant to all segments in the market.

Beauty of it is that you get this at a price of around $300 as soon as it hits the market and it will be available in select African countries like Kenya, Ethiopia and Congo.