The Boeing Black, Secure Android Phone Aimed at Government Agencies


2014 begun as the year when the Spanish Blackphone was introduced as an alternative smartphone to those who are conscious of their security. Blackphone would contain a paranoid version of Android providing anonymous phone calls and protection from malicious third parties. Boeing, the guys who manufacture those large aircrafts, announced plans for a similar project back in 2012 and upon its release the device will be called the Boeing Black (H8V-BLK1). Already, the FCC has approved the Black’s design and soon enough, the dual-SIM will be in the hands of military personnel. Boeing’s device is not your normal servicable gadget, all the data and software on the device self-destructs upon taking the phone apart.

Features on the Boeing Black include GSM, WCDMA, LTE, HDMI port, PDMI port, USB , Wifi, Bluetooth and using micro SIM cards. Boeing notes that devices currently built for the regulated industries sell for between $15,000 and $20,000 a unit , upon their entry into the market Boeing should give them a run for their money. “We are going to drive down towards a lower price point, but … not mass-market price point.” – a Boeing VP during the Black’s 2012 announcement.