Google preparing new Android dialer, official tweet shows


Unless you’ve been living under a cave then you are aware that Google is readying the biggest redesign to the Android operating system since 2011 when Ice Cream Sandwich was announced. We’ve seen screenshot after screenshot from unofficial sources leak in the last few weeks like its the end of the world (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Here’s another one that escaped the limelight until the folks over at Android Police shone light on it:

New Android redesign 2014 1

This and earlier leaked screenshots and rumours of the so-called Project Hera solidify the prospects of us seeing a whole new Android version announced at Google I/O with a rollout expected at least a few months later and likely with a new Nexus device in tow.

Project Hera is touted to be the internal name that describes the quest to bring close together Android, Chrome OS and a ubiquitous Google Search functionality by altering the current multi-tasking functionality and making it better using a Chromium build and built-in HTML5-like functionality and interface that will allow users to access apps for certain tasks without launching the full app.

The above screenshot is the first official statement we have that we can use to back up all the rumours and leaks we’ve had recently. There’s no denying that a redesign to Android that will not centre entirely on cards as previously hoped is coming and here’s to hoping that we’ll have more solid leaks on this as I/O draws closer.



Source: Twitter

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