Technorati quietly kills off authoritative blog ranking index


That was sometime last year. 444 days later, the same ranking is no longer there.

Technorati quietly “killed” its authoritative and most respected blog ranking in changes quietly effected on the 28th May of this year. The changes saw the deletion of all information relating to previously listed websites.

RIP Technorati

A statement from the team at Technorati states that the index won’t be available on its reworked site since it is still undergoing major changes that will see it get aligned with the sites extensive ad network as it looks forward to cashing in on its advertising platform and giving website owners and content creators a chance to be part of the network.

This is what Technorati had to say about that gone ranking index

It’s a technology, previously used to measure the quality of a website’s content, that we have completely transitioned to servicing our ad serving platform. Now it is used to match a brand’s ads with top-tier content and targeted users through our ad network.

I don’t know if I’m getting this right or not but with the onset of social media save for a few of us who still prefer curated content and are still avid fans of portals that do the same, a huge chunk of the target audience accesses content that is shared through their social media circles. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ account for the highest referral traffic and have almost taken over the role that was played by Technorati and other similar sites as far as content discovery and distribution is concerned. How is the addition of an openly stated ad platform going to change that? Of course there comes a time when you have to stop playing to the gallery and decide what is good for you moneywise or otherwise. We can’t be sure which direction Technorati decided to go but we can be sure it will never be the same again. Still, its time was up anyway.

For the blog ranking, it looks like it will be a while before we see another Technorati equal rise up to the occassion since the likes of Alexa just bundle in everyone with no direct specifics like blogs or going an extra mile into specifics like gadget blogs or generalities like technology blogs.


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    • Afrigator went down which was the local Blog ranking platform. Now Technorati which was very effective in showing where your site in it’s sphere of influence. 🙁

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