Samsung’s App Store to be renamed to Galaxy Apps


Samsung is renaming its app store from Samsung Apps to Samsung Galaxy Apps. The changes take effect as from July 1st.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

The renaming has been motivated by Samsung’s dalliance with other platforms and devices like Tizen and Android Wear. The Galaxy Apps branding is meant to capitalize on the positive image created by the company’s best selling Galaxy line of smartphones whihc all run Google’s Android. In fact as is often stated, more users around the world associate Android with the TouchWiz overlay they get to interact with on their Galaxy smartphones more than the stock Android. To most, any Android is a Galaxy so you can there’s some sense in this. The decision is also based on the company’s approach to Tizen. It is said that it will have a separate app store for Tizen applications as well as another that is central to just applications meant for its wearables (The company recently trademarked a Gear store).


Via: Sammobile


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