Samsung to ditch TouchWiz launcher in its smartphones in Nigeria


TouchWiz is more than just a launcher as most people tend to think. It is the whole interface that you see on every Samsung Galaxy (Android) device that you can lay your hands on anywhere in the world. The one that a good number of Android users think is the actual stock Android interface. Soon, Nigeria will be an exception to that rule though. At least as far as the launcher itself is concerned.

Samsung is partnering with Celltick, the makers of Start, an Android launcher, to replace the stock Samsung launcher on smartphones it will be releasing for sale in the Nigerian market.

Start Launcher

The Start launcher as at now is a very clean and user friendly one and we do hope this is what will be available to the select smartphones that will be part of this. Of course you should not expect flagship devices launching in the Nigerian market like the Galaxy S and Galaxy Notes or even the Tabs to have this. They’ll surely retain the traditional Samsung looks. This is expected to be the reserve of low end and mid-range Samsung Android devices as the stock launcher is currently associated with many of the lag woes Samsung users experience on such budget devices. A “lighter” launcher will be a welcome change and should go a long way in improving how a market as versatile as the Nigerian market reacts to future Samsung devices.

It should not be lost on anyone how much ground Tecno has covered in that country with its budget but well-specced and appealing devices.


Source: Memeburn